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The New Normal: How life has changed due to COVID-19

The year 2020 will probably be a year most of us want to forget about, our lives were practically put on hold, all of our plans, ambitions forced to be rescheduled due to CORONAVIRUS!

A lot of us wanted to make the most out of the Coronavirus lockdown period by learning new skills, trying out new indoor hobbies or take on some home DIY project, maybe even tried to make the ever so famous coronavirus lockdown banana bread!

I know that it was not the reality for everyone, a lot of us struggled with work-life balance during Coronavirus lockdown period, constantly stressed and anxious, keeping on top of even the most basic tasks is hard, and a lot of people have also lost their jobs due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

It’s natural for everyone to go through a period like this at some point in their lives, but for the whole world going through the exact same thing, is nothing we have experienced before. Even if you feel ready to get your life back on track, others may not be at the same stage you are, and that is OKAY!

The start of 2021 will bring along new empowering challenges and experiences, nothing we are not ready to take on with full power, with us learning how to heal and live with Coronavirus.

How do you envision 2021 for yourself?

We all want to start the new year on a good note, but let’s face it, what we all went through during the coronavirus pandemic was not something any of us where ready to take on. Its okay to ask for help and guidance as you might feel stuck, you don’t know where to start, and sometimes not even sure what is actually going on in your head.

Thoughts are everything. There’s nothing more important than how we think about the things in our life!

Our thoughts, positive or negative, reflect on our feeling, which lead us to take action, inaction or reaction leading to a result in our life. The results we see always lead back to our thoughts we have/had about ourselves and the world around us.

We all need someone to check in on our mental health and wellness, Life Coaches & Wellness Coaches are equipped with the right skill set and tools to do so. The guidance of a great coach can help set you on the right path to declutter your mind, re-discover your own strength, passion and capabilities to confidently face challenges and overcome barriers.

I could not stress enough how critical it is to have someone to check in on our mental health and wellness!

Coronavirus pandemic tested our mental health and wellness, pushed to our limits, despite everything negative, I am certain we all have at least one positive experience from the Coronavirus pandemic, from spending more time with your family/friends/pets to having more time for yourself to figure out what you want from life, maybe even ventured into a new startup opportunity.

The most valuable lesson I would take on from 2020 Coronavirus pandemic is that nothing is promised, you have to be flexible to your plans changing at any moment. Having an agile state of mind will not only help reduce your stress and anxiety, it will also allow you to enjoy your current state and to see the opportunities around you.

Wishing you peace and serenity


Wellness Coach

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

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