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5 POWERFUL tips to have a stress free start to a New Year!

My life coaching journey, has proven to me first hand, how IMPORTANT it is to envision your future.

Goals are not just points you write down on a piece of paper and never look at again! Goals you set for yourself either at the start of the year, or any other time, act as your blueprint to whatever it is you want to achieve.

I want to share with you five tips I share with my clients during their life coaching journey.

1- Reflect

Reflection is a powerful and empowering tool.

As time goes on, it becomes almost impossible to escape daily noise in our lives, whether its loud offices, music, social media, time with friends and family and so on…

As you head into a new year, this is the perfect time to give yourself a couple minutes of quiet time so you can reflect on how you’ve progressed and what you want to do better moving forward.

Through my experience as a Life Coach I find it ideal to set 10 minutes per day to unplug and reflect in solitude, to give your mind time to relax and decrease anxiety levels, I have also noticed when doing so, I feel more energized and focused.

2- Embrace change

Change is never easy!

Most of us tend to avoid change and withdraw to our comfort zones. That’s another reason why your New Year’s resolution doesn't stick: It’s scary, tough, and unnatural.

However, change is inevitable, and needed if you want to be more successful at what you had and have a fulfilling life.

Stop avoiding change and start embracing positive changes by:

- Understanding what you want to change. This should be based on your core values and what’s most important to you.

- Eliminating negativity in your life specially your negative thoughts.

- Surround yourself with people who want to help you and see you grow, toxic friends are easy to find!

- Being flexible and believing in your ability to adapt

- Breakdown your goals into manageable steps

- Facing your fear and embracing failure, if you don’t try you will never know

3- Set realistic goals

Think back to every single New Year’s resolution you set for yourself and never followed through on that.

Did you set that goal out of peer pressure? Or was that something you actually wanted to achieve?

Abandoning goals and dreams is super easy, as it’s a mindset, you can easily tell your mind I don’t want this anymore. But let’s make this year different by setting realistic achievable goals we want to achieve.

Before setting a goal always ask yourself 3 important questions!

1 - Why is this goal important to me?

2 - What do I need to start doing to achieve this goal?

3 - How much effort am I willing to put in to achieve this goal?

4- Embrace obstacles

Even the best laid out plans experience unexpected setbacks, it’s a fact we need to accept and expect, obstacles are not the issue, it’s about how we chose to deal with them. Obstacles give you purpose.

We are creatures of habit, and we like things being done a certain way, however obstacles force us for evolve, adapt re-think and re-examine our goals, ambitions and what we truly want.

5- Give it time!

Don’t expect immediate results! Whatever your goals and ambitions are, let’s be real, they won’t be achieved overnight, it will take time, effort and dedication. Its important not to impatient and discouraged, learn from your mistakes, track your progress and most importantly give yourself credit for all hard work you are putting in, no matter how small it might seem at first.

Wishing you peace and serenity


Wellness Coach

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

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