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Farah Life Coach






My vision is to empower you to love who YOU truly are and finally start living the full & extraordinary life you deserve!


I’m calling time on the
idea that you are not enough!

There are countless industries dedicated to prove to you that you are not good enough. You need fixing.

You’ll only be good enough when achieve certain things. Constantly being compared to other people. That “success” means getting married, having a certain job, looking a certain way or living a certain lifestyle.

What we are exposed to impacts how we view ourselves when no one is around, the truth sneaks' up on us, we can't measure up anymore, we don't want to! it's so exhausting living your life pretending to be someone you are definitely not!

You don’t need fixing. All you need is some guidance, awareness and prioritizing yourself.


You tell the world you are fine. You convince yourself you are coping. You try to numb the pain hoping it will all go away. This is just how life is now, isn’t it? CERTAINLY NOT!


"Society creates the parameters of acceptance and the boundaries of normality, how much longer are we going to keep depriving ourselves from living life the way we desire."


Life Coach & NLP Practitioner


I’m Farah, Life Coach and NLP practitioner, specializing in guiding individuals to break the negative cycle, self-doubt and fear.


Along my process of healing your inner child, getting to the root cause of your self-saboteur, we will shift your mindset, achieve your personal health and happiness.


My intention is to inspire you, to unlock your full potential and live life the way you dream it. I am deeply commitment to empowering you to become the best version of yourself. Transformation is possible for everyone.

I did not have it easy I promise you! but hey! life is all about what you make out of the unpleasant situations. 

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Life Coaching will guide you on how to Overcome Childhood difficulties

Overcoming childhood


Life Coaching will guide you to Break Free from Social and Cultural Conditionig

Breaking free from social & cultural conditioning

Living a Life Genuine to your Internal World

Living a life genuine to your internal world

Life Coaching will help you in your path to Individuation

Developing self-realization & individuation

Life Coaching will allow you to set healthy goals

Setting healthy


Venture with me to re-discover how beautiful the world is and how capable you are!

Picking a life coach you can relate to is extremely important! I couldn't stress this enough! wouldn't you want to know the person you are letting in to the deep corners of your brain? 

Read more to get to know me!

Check out my blog for all things, mental health, wellness and life!

I am excited to share with you my go to playlist, to relax, unwind and de-stress!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

I am working on something exciting for you guys! and I cannot wait to share it with you. Stay tuned!

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